Luxury Drinks & Food

fast | reliable | fair

Luxury Drinks & Food

fast | reliable | fair


Luxury Drinks & Food

fast | reliable | fair




Exclusive wines from small wineries in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.


Highest quality single origin chocolate.

Herbs & Spices

When it comes to dried raw plant products we are able to shortly deliver everything you can imagine, and a lot more that you cannot imagine – regardless whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. Be they medicinal herbs or spices, for use as handicrafts or dyes, whether as herb or fruit teas, or a variety of resins or rubber, even as Propolis products or aromas, all from conventional or organic plantations.Would you like to try a little henna from India? Or a madder root from Pakistan? How about witch hazel leaves from New England? Devil’s claw from Namibia? Or would you prefer green tea from China? Or last but not least, perhaps some “hart’s tongue fern” from Brazil? Our unique range of raw products of more than 1,000 different herbs and spices from conventional and certified organic plantations are available to our customers all year round.



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We can offer various customer-oriented services in connection with our raw plant products. As part of our world-wide family of care you will enjoy the benefits of ongoing innovation. We are committed to continually develop new solutions, new products and new markets that deliver benefits for YOU. In addition we work with our global suppliers wherever possible to deliver a fair business model that benefits all.
Would you like to get a quotation ? You’re very welcome. We are pleased to send you a quotation based on your choice of products. Please be so kind as to specify which items you might be interested in together with the quantity you require.


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